Halogen Lamp

Halogen Lamp

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A halogen lamp is an incandescent lamp in which a tungsten filament is sealed inside a compact transparent cover filled with inert gas and a small amount of halogen elements such as iodine or bromine. This type of lamp is generally a lamp made of quartz glass that is thin and heat-resistant, with a little halogen gas added such as iodine and bromine. Usually used on vehicles such as motorbikes and cars. That is because halogen lamps have a long life span and directed lighting.

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Reasons Why Halogen Bulbs Are the Right Choice

When choosing a special type of vehicle lights, we often do not really consider it important. What is thought is that these lights can be used at night as a source of lighting when driving. In fact, this is not right. There are 2 types of lights that are often used as options such as incandescent and halogen lamps. Both of them have been equipped with their respective advantages.

For example only in terms of price where incandescent lamps are sold at lower prices, because the quality of the light created is also not too bright. When applied between incandescent and halogen lamps, both have the same power (wattage), but halogens are better able to emit brighter light than incandescent. Actually, the origin of halogen lamps itself is the development of incandescent lamps. However, because incandescent is very sensitive to hot temperatures, this causes the use to not be long-lived (easily broken).

When installing these two lights are also different. Halogen lamps tend to be sensitive, so it is recommended not to touch the glass directly. Because our hands or fingers have oil content, this condition can affect the intensity of the lighting. However, it is highly recommended for you to choose halogen type lights on vehicles because in addition to having good lighting, these lights are also durable.

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If you need lights for vehicles such as motorcycles or cars, you can choose the type of halogen lamp. Because in addition to these lights can provide good lighting when driving, these lights are also relatively durable when compared to incandescent lamps. To be able to find halogen lamp products from the best brands, visit the Indotrading.com website directly. Here you can find a variety of the best suppliers & distributors who offer quality and guaranteed products. You can also negotiate online through the negotiable feature, as well as the procurement feature if you want to buy wholesale. Get also a line of other types of outdoor lights such as bar lights , flash lights , high bay lights, mercury lamps and much more only in Indotrading.

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