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Downlights are one type of ornamental lights that are generally used in modern minimalist style homes. By using this lamp the contents of the room seem to be luxurious and elegant, because these lights are able to make the atmosphere look dimmer brighter. Seeing from its own function, this type of lamp is now much sought after by minimalist homeowners, because without the lamp the possibility of a minimalist style house will not be attractive anymore or do not have a luxurious jet. Installation of this lamp is usually used as an additional lighting accent at each corner of the room. To get the type of downlight lamp, find it online at

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Features Obtained from Using Downlight Types

Downlight type lamps have 3 main parts which are inside the lights namely lamp fittings, bracket and mirror bowl. In the mirror bowl has the most important function because it works as a transmitter of light intensity in the room. In other words, this bowl acts to reflect the light created by the lamp. If the surface of the bowl is clearer, the more intense the light will be emitted. In addition, the features obtained from the mirror bowl make the use of downlight type lamps more effective in the use of electrical energy because it only requires one lamp to be able to emit light throughout the room.

It's just that when installing downlights quite complicated. You are required to make a hole in the roof of the room according to the size of the diameter of the downlight to be installed. The concept of the process also requires proper planning to avoid mistakes that cause the installation process to take longer. However, in terms of maintenance, downlights do not require large costs. It is enough to clean the mirror bowl unit regularly to keep the surface clear when emitting light.

Price List of LED Downlights Available in Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price range

Osram Preva LED COIN 50

IDR 200,000

Vinder Downlight LED Ceiling 11 Watt

Rp 100,000

LED lights 7Watt Downlight Ceiling Lights

IDR 200,000

Philips Downlight 66662 3 "Nickel 1x9W

IDR 50,000

Nerolight Led 4 "Downlight - 8 Watt

IDR 90,000

3W COB LED Downlight lamp 1Lamp

IDR 300,000

Ceiling Downlight LED Spot Light 18 Watt

Rp 100,000

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