Tubular Lamps

Tubular Lamps

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Price of the Best Cheap LED TL Lights in Indonesia

Here in Indotrading.com, you will find many different specifications of neon lights at low prices, because the sellers / suppliers here have different ways of selling from other sellers such as retailers or ordinary shop. Generally, neon lamp sellers here have hundreds to thousands of products that you can buy at the lowest price. So you can also see the estimated price or the latest and cheapest neon lamp price range in Indotrading.

Neon Light Brands Estimated Price
TL Philips Simbat Lamp Set 40 Watt Rp. 69,000
Philips Essential 21 Watt Neon Lamp Rp. 38,000
Fluorescent Philips Lamp Round Daylight 22 Watt Rp. 44,000
36 Watt Osram TL Lamp Rp. 90,000
8 Watt Neon Osram Lamp Rp. 64,000

Buy the Latest Model Tubular Lamps from the Supplier / Distributor at Indotrading.com

Search for all lamps that match the specifications you need, the model and type of lamps sold from suppliers and distributors in Indotrading, of course, have different specifications ranging from brands, sizes and various warranties such as energy saving lamps, more lamps bright and durable. All the offers from these street lamps or tube lamps are indeed diverse. If you are interested in offers from various lighting sales companies or suppliers at cheap wholesale prices, you can simply submit a purchase request with the specifications or brands that you want to buy.

What are TL lights and their types?

The meaning of the abbreviation for TL lamps is Tube Luminescent, which is a type of lamp that uses fluorescent gas which is connected with electrical energy so that it gives rise to a purple light and then glows into a brighter light. Get various types of tl lamps or fluorescent lamps that are diverse ranging from brands Philips, Osram and others that have become brands that have been trusted by many people in Indonesia. There are many types of fluorescent lamps, whether they are using LED technology or not. The types of lights referred to include tl lamps with led technology or fluorescent technology and various other types. All types of lights as described above you can buy in Indotrading.com from all sellers or suppliers of neon lamps that sell at wholesale prices.

New Product Tubular Lamps

Lampu Tl-D 18W/865 1Sl/25 Philips
Status Pajak: PKP
Price : Rp 30,000
Jawa Barat , Cikarang
Lampu Sight Glass
Supplier : CV. Mandala Utama
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Call
Jawa Barat , Karawang
Lampu Led Tl Philips 31093
Supplier : PT. Citra Cempaka Borobudur
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Rp 123
Banten , Kota Tangerang
Lampu Tl - Tube Lamp 18 Watt 120 Cm
Supplier : Golden Mitra
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
Lampu Neon Sanan 9W
Supplier : Toko Mitra-Led
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Selatan
Lampu Tl Pl-Led
Supplier : PT Tiga Anugerah Lestari
Status Pajak: PKP
Price : Rp 80,000
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Utara