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Tubular Lamps

Tubular Lamps

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Tips for Choosing the Right TL Lamp

TL lamps have various types such as tl led lampstl fluorescent lampstl spark lampstl x lamps, and also tl lamps that use tl lampshades. These various types of tl lamps have different levels of lighting for your room. To make it right to use, here are tips for choosing the right tl lamp for your room.

1. Knowing lighting standards

In choosing the type of TL lamp, you must first know the standard of TL lamp lighting. Of course, this lighting standard is different from other lighting standards such as light bulbs, industrial lamps, wall lamps, reading lamps or CFL tube lamps. Therefore you must know the standard of TL lamp lighting first before choosing it for your room.

2. The Need for Lights in a Room

Taking into account the need for lights in a room also needs to be done. Because that way you will choose more precisely and carefully the type of your TL lamp. Choose a fluorescent TL map or downlight for your room, and a TL lamp with an LED lamp type of light for rooms that need bright lighting such as living rooms, family rooms, and so on.

3. Choosing the Right Lamp Shape

Like other types of lamps that are selected with consideration of the shape of the bulb or tube lamp, tl lamps also require these considerations. Because by considering the shape, the lamp will be more fitting and in accordance with your room.

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