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Solar Lamps

Solar Lamps

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How to Care for the Right Solar Lamp

1. Installation Cable Care

The installation cable is an important part of the solar lamp and. This installation cable becomes a bridge that transmits energy to the lamp to produce light. For maintenance of this lamp, it is the same as other similar lights, namely outdoor lights, strobe lights, garden lights, highbay lights, and so on. You can do some cleaning around the lamp installation cable and make sure no scratches occur on the lamp installation cable. Because even a small scratch on the installation cable will cause a short circuit or a more severe fire.

2. Electrical Pole Maintenance

In addition, you also need to make sure to maintain and care for the electric poles. The goal is to ensure that no parts of the lamp are damaged or rusted.

3. Lamp Care

Make sure the lights are always kept clean. This is because seeing the number of solar lights installed in outdoor or outdoor areas with high pollution levels makes the lights dirty quickly. For that, clean the dirty part of the lamp using a rag and other cleaners. Usually, lamp maintenance is carried out by professionals in the middle of the night when the streets are quiet.