Garden Lamp

Garden Lamp

Buy energy efficient led garden lights / solar power brands Vacolux, Philips and others from the closest stores, suppliers / distributors and importers in your city at the cheapest wholesale prices in Indonesia. Find thousands of types of lights for garden lighting or decorative lighting for home yards, hotels, restaurants and public or tourist places. There are so many types of lights for this park because it is generally distinguished based on the shape or model and type of electric energy technology that is used from PLN electricity or sourced from sunlight / solar sell which is often called solar lights. To install the lamp itself in pairs with a set of lampposts or also many are sold separately from the lampposts. Generally, lights for garden yard decoration has a variety of unique and minimalist models / shapes and some are classic models. In addition, the lights for this garden are usually combined with hanging flower pots which can be linked to lampposts so that they will be more attractive. Buy now also all types of garden lights classic models, unique, modern and minimalist energy-efficient sources of energy from sunlight which is made as a source of electricity. All models, brands and other specifications can be found only in

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The Latest and Cheapest Price of Solar Cell / LED Garden Lights in Indonesia

Confused looking for a range of price lists for lights in the garden, pool and home page or hotel / resort? All types of decorative lights for parks with unique and diverse models you can find and buy directly from all suppliers and distributors in For information on price estimates, you can directly look at the price list below.

Types / Brands of Garden Lights Estimated Price
GTP 75 Silver City Park Lights Rp. 1,000,000
5 Watt LED Step Light Garden Rp. 100,000
White Round Garden Lights Dop Rp. 300,000
5 Watt Step-in-Field Park Lights Rp. 115,000
Urban Classic Garden Light Package Rp. 4,750,000
Complete Package of 20 Watt Solar Garden Lights Rp. 15,750,000
Package of 3 Watt Solar Hanging Garden Lights Rp. 4,500,000
10 Watt Solar Garden Lights Package Rp. 6,750,000

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Want to buy the cheapest types of garden lights in Indotrading? Come on, immediately search for all types of lamps by brand, model and specifications that you want by doing a direct search on the lamp product search page on the biggest B2B Marketplace website in Indonesia. You will find thousands of lighting products that you can choose which are in accordance with the needs of the procurement of goods for the project of making decorative lights for parks, hotels / resorts or for various types of outdoor lighting. In addition, all types of lights for this park you can use to procure goods online for stores or lighting accessories. Besides all these lighting products you can use to meet all the needs for your company at the cheapest wholesale prices in Indonesia.

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