Sensor Light

Sensor Light

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Buy motion sensor lights or lights at cheap wholesale prices with the best trusted brands from suppliers, importers and distributors of various types of lamps including lamps with sensors closest to your location as well as from hundreds to thousands of suppliers or lamp suppliers at the lowest wholesale and unit prices. Sensor lights are one type of lamp that uses sensor technology both motion sensors and light sensors that can turn on themselves under certain conditions such as when it is dark or there is movement around the lights, so the lights will turn on automatically. Immediately submit a purchase of various types of outdoor or indoor lighting with motion sensors or dark light sensors directly from a trusted company seller in

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Sensor Lights Based on Type

Before buying a sensor lamp, you need to know the types first. All lights with this sensor are generally divided into two types, namely lamps with motion sensors and dark light sensors, here is the explanation:

Light Sensor Lamp This lamp with a light sensor is a type of lamp that is specially designed with a dark light sensor, so that when the light around the lamp is dark the lamp will automatically turn on.
Motion Sensor Lights This motion sensor lamp is one of the lamp models created specifically to detect motion around it, so that if the sensor detects motion, the lamp will also automatically turn on.

Low Cost Light / Motion Sensor Lights in Indonesia

Want to find a price list for lamps with motion sensors or dark light sensors? For some types of lamps with sensors you can see in the lamp price list below or want to know what brands of sensor lights in Indonesia that you can sell again or for the needs of your company or office. Let's just submit a purchase request to all suppliers, distributors or importers of various types of lamps with sensors only in

Censored Light Type Estimated Price
Hannochs 9 Watt Motion Sensor Led Lights Rp. 43,000
Hannochs 9 Watt LED Light Sensor Led Lamp Rp. 45,000
9 Watt Krisbow Led Light Sensor Rp. 123,000
PJU Street Light Sensor Mitsuyama Light Rp. 485,000
Street Lamp Led Sensor Kingled Light 30 Watt Rp. 390,000

Supplier / Distributor and Importer of Dark / Motion Light Sensor Lights

Search and find various types and models of lamps with motion sensors and dark light sensors for various highway lighting needs to save on the use of electrical energy that is usually installed for street lighting / PJU lights and can also be installed inside or outside the home and building. By using this sensor lamp, it will help reduce the need for electricity that is used in vain either indoors or outdoors. All of your lamp needs with this sensor can be directly obtained from all suppliers, distributors or importers here. For purchases in large quantities, you can directly submit a purchase request through this page to request a lamp.

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