Ceiling Light

Ceiling Light

Selling various models of the most complete ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are one type of lighting that is placed or implanted in the ceiling with the form of a home lamp that is bowed inward. Usually ceiling lights use downlights or LED lighting. Various types of ceiling lights of various sizes and specifications can be found easily in indotrading.com where reliable distributors and suppliers. 


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Various Types of Ceiling Lamp Models

The presence of various types of modern lamps on the market is certainly very tempting. Especially for families who just have a new home. In determining the ideal lamp, of course, that can provide good lighting to each side of the room. Similarly, when choosing a lamp model that is attached to the ceiling as follows:

  1. Panel LED lights.

LED lights have indeed become one type of lamp that is becoming a dream in many dwellings. Well, one of them is the LED panel with a round shape or tube that seemed to give the impression of hidden light so that it adds a warmer and minimalist atmosphere. Because the type is affixed directly to the ceiling, the light is good enough to light the room thoroughly. 

      2. Light box.

In addition to the tube or round model, there is also the shape of a light box that is often used as a centerpiece to fill the entire room's lighting with a minimalist impression. Because of greater light intake, usually the box model lights are installed in the family room or other large room. You can choose shades of clear or white, according to the interior style of the room.

      3. Decorative lights.

If you want to use this type of decorative lighting, make sure your ceiling has a minimum height of 4 meters from floor to roof. This aims to make decorative lights can depend dangling and not give the impression of a narrow room. You can choose the type of geometric model chandelier or minimalist chandelier.

Price List of Ceiling Lights in Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price Estimation

6 Watt Led Ceiling 1Set Round Model

Rp. 120,000

9 Watt LED Ceiling Penel


SKY350 Downlights 3.5 '' Ceiling planting lights

Rp 20,000

SKY403 Downlights 4 '' Ceiling planting lights

Rp 20,000

SKY418 Downlights 4 '' Ceiling planting lights

IDR 30,000

Selling Ceiling Lights with Many Options Only in Indotrading

Get various types of ceiling outboard lamps with the most complete selection only in Indotrading. There are qualified features that you can use to be able to simplify the transaction system such as the price quote feature, which is to provide an alternative for those of you who want to negotiate with suppliers or distributors. Then there is also a feature for procuring goods for those of you who want to submit a wholesale purchase. Discover also a series of other lighting products such as antique lamps , light sleep , emergency lights , laser lights and so on Indotrading.com.

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