Stage Lights

Stage Lights

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Types of Stage Lights

There are various types of stage lights that are sold on the market. Therefore, make sure you know the types of stage lights in advance, to determine the product that suits your needs!

1. PAR (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) lamp
This lamp is the most common fixture found in stage lighting . The way this lamp works is usually by firing beam or scattered light without a clear boundary so as to produce a certain atmosphere and act as ambient / flood light .

2. BAR lights Judging from its function, bar lights have similarities with PAR lamps, which are to fill the room with light, but have different shapes. The lamp bar has a linear (rod) shape that extends so that it produces a more even and not centered shot of light.

3. Pinspot Lamp To produce spotlight light, you need this type of light. Yes, pinspot lights are used to give a spotlight effect that can be fired in various directions.

4. Panel Lights
As the name suggests, this type of lamp has the form of a panel that emits light throughout its surface. Its function can be as a substitute for giant video / lighting screen on a stage.

5. Centerpiece lights.
Centerpiece is a type of lamp that is usually placed in the middle of the stage so that it can emit light in all directions with a very wide angle of light.

6. Follow Spot Lights.
This type of light is commonly used to highlight certain figures / objects so that the viewer can focus with the highlighted object.

Tips for Installing Stage Lights to Be Attractive

To produce attractive lighting, you need to know how to properly and correctly install lighting. The following are tips on installing lighting that you can do to produce an amazing and charming lighting:

1. Match the Color of the Lamp to the Theme of the Event The basic thing you can do in choosing lighting for your show is to adapt it to the theme of the event! If the event's theme is a music concert, colors like blue and red are the mainstay colors. However, if the event is more relaxed, colors like white, yellow, or green will be more suitable.

2. Choose LED Lighting Technology Apart from being brighter, LED lights are also rated as energy saving and environmentally friendly types of lamps. Currently there are many types of LED stage technology with LED technology, for example, are RGBW LED PAR lamps that can produce almost all colors.

3. Use Pixel Mapping Along with the increasingly sophisticated technology, today lighting on the stage can move according to the beat of the music thanks to pixel mapping technology. Of course this makes the stage more attractive.

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