Fence Lamp

Fence Lamp

Fence lamp / pillar lamp is one type of lamp used for outdoor lighting which is especially installed on the fence of the house. There are many types of fence lights ranging from the size and shape are very diverse, some are made of iron, aluminum and plastic. This pillar lamp is usually closed in shape intended to cover the lamp from heat and rain so that the water does not wet the lamp or inside.

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Price of Minimalist and Classic Model Fence Lights

Looking for models of pillar lights to design a garden fence or yard, hotel, resort or office? Find various models and price ranges of various types of decorative lights for the garden and the various needs that you want. You can see all price ranges in the following price list or you can also directly request a purchase from suppliers and distributors in Indotrading.com

Models Estimated Price
Minimalist Pillar Lights Classic Cone Model Rp. 165,000
Modern Minimalist Round Pillar Lights Rp. 100,000
Antique Lantern Fence Lamps Rp. 200,000
Modern Elegant Pillar Decorative Lights Rp. 250,000
Antique / Classic Delman Model Fence Lamps Rp. 255,000

Immediately submit a purchase request through suppliers, distributors and manufacturers who sell in Indotrading. All information on prices of goods, specifications, brands and types of lighting models such as classic, modern, minimalist models and models a> you can order directly by submitting a purchase request directly from all trusted sellers here. You can get a wide selection of prices and the best models through all sellers in Indotrading.com.

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