Navigation Light

Navigation Light

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Aircraft Navigation Function

There are three types of aircraft navigation lights that all have their own functions. The three lights are red, green and white lights. The following is a review that you might need to know as a benchmark why navigation lights are placed in a particular place and what the function of each lamp is.

Red and green lights are located at the wing tips of the aircraft. The red color is on the left side, while the green light is on the right wing of the aircraft. Both of them give signals to other aircraft, airport officials, or people who are on the ground.

  1. If the green light is on the left side and the red light is on the right, it means that the plane is approaching us.
  2. If the green light is on the right hand side and the red light is on the left hand side, then that means the plane is moving away from us.
  3. Meanwhile, white lights or known as strobe are navigation lights that function to help ATC officers to track the whereabouts or position of the aircraft.

Ship Navigation Lights

Navigation lights on the ship must be installed according to the rules so that all information about the ship will be known, including the type, location and direction of the ship. Some types of ship navigation lights are as follows:

  1. Great pole lights are white navigation lights mounted on the mast with a beam angle of 225 degrees and with a vertical height of four-thirds the height of the hull lights
  2. Gastric lights: red navigation lights on the left and green on the right side mounted with the same height ie on the navigation bridge deck with a beam angle of 112.5 degrees.
  3. Anchor lamp: mounted at the end of the boat's bow. This navigation light has a 360 degree beam angle with a vertical height of more than 6 meters.
  4. Stern lights: white mounted on the stern of the ship with a beam angle of 135 degrees and a vertical height 15 feet lower than the anchor lights
  5. No warning lights: red and mounted on the mast to provide signals when the ship is not controlled.
  6. Danger load signal: if the ship is carrying cargo or is unloading dangerous cargo. Usually red and fitted to the top of the regal pole with a beam angle of 360 degrees.

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