HID Lamp

HID Lamp

Selling Fans at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a fan with the latest price which is a type of lamp that has a very bright and clear flame because it uses Xenon technology so that it can be brighter than other types of lights. With these advantages, this lamp also has low electrical power, such as LED lighting technology, which can also be used up to a longer use of an average of 3300 hours. The lights with this HID technology are often used for various automotive vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. In accordance with the specifications, these lights are designed for various types of vehicles for brighter lights and focus when traveling well in foggy conditions, night and rain.

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The Advantages of HID Lamps Beam and Halogen

HID lamps have been well-liked by automotive enthusiasts, both cars and motorcycles. They like these lights because the distance from the vehicle is farther away with high light intensity compared to ordinary halogen lights. Especially when used at night or in foggy streets, of course this lamp will be very helpful as a lighting system. It is known that the use of Xenon lamps can last up to 3300 hours. So it needs extra care to be able to maintain his age. You should not turn this light on or off too often, because the HID takes about 50-60 seconds to warm up before operating. If the lamp is forced to turn on in less than 50-60 seconds, this condition can trigger damage or shorter lamp life.

1. HID lamps have a light length of up to 63 ft compared to Halogen 35 ft and Beam 23 ft

2. The light produced is brighter and more focused.

3. Longer service life and resistance to short circuit.

4. There are various choices of brands in the market that use HID technology.

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