Reading Lamp

Reading Lamp

Buy LED learning lamps / LED reading lights at low prices for brands Oscled, Hiled, Opple, Alison, Miyalux, Cardlite and others from the nearest supplier / distributor and importer at your location with a complete stock collection of models at the lowest wholesale prices in Indonesia. In accordance with its function, this lamp is used specifically to be used as lighting when reading, writing and drawing on the study table. By using a special learning lamp with the right lamp specifications not glare to the eyes, then all reading and writing activities will not interfere with eye health. Currently the type of lamp for learning that is sought after by consumers is the type of LED lights because it has many advantages that are brighter, energy efficient and more importantly safe for eye health. For those of you who want to get various brands, this learning / reading lamp model can directly submit purchase requests to all suppliers in right now.

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The Price of the Most Complete Cheap LED Study Table Lamp in Indonesia

The following is a list of led learning lamps that is energy efficient and safe for the eyes, because bright lights do not dazzle the eyes when reading, writing and drawing on the study table. Get other price information directly from suppliers and distributors in now to get the latest reading lamp price quotes.

Study Table Lamp Types Estimated Price
32 Led Study Charger Charger Led Rp. 65,000
Flexible Study Table Lamp Brand Q2 8901 Rp. 48,000
Alison 40 Watt LED Bulb Learning Lamp Brand Rp. 50,000
Arsitex Image Lights Aluminum Material Rp. 118,000
LED Table Lamp Study Brand Success Dl-204 Rp. 56,500
Miyalux Brand Flexible Study Table Lamp Rp. 150,000
Philips 71567 Flexible Led Study Lamp Rp. 280,000
Philips 70023 Study Table Lamp Rp. 300,000

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If you are confused where are the most popular study table / architect lamp centers and want to be bought by all your customers or customers in the store or looking for goods for your company's needs, for example for the needs of work desk lamps in the office or on the assembly table in the factory mobile or electronic assembly, for example. All the needs of various types and models of desk lamp work and study are available in which are widely sold directly by the supplier. distributors or importers at wholesale or retail prices according to the company's sales system sells the type of lights they sell.

How to Make a Study Lamp / Design a Table Lamp

Before making a table lamp for studying, reading, writing or working, what you have to prepare in advance is how much the height of the lamp and the preparation of materials you will use to make this table lamp. For the height of the table lamp can usually be in accordance with what you want just for, for lampposts, lamp fittings and the type of lamp that you want to use must also be considered because the lamppost and also the type of lamp will determine whether or not the table lamp for study / work this. Just choose the type of led lights so that they are more energy efficient and do not dazzle the eyes. So that the table lamp looks minimalist, classic, unique or modern add other accessories.

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