Buy the latest minimalist and unique low-priced lanterns from the closest, most complete and cheapest manufacturers / craftsmen and suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Lanterns are one type of lamp that is widely used to decorate or decorative indoors or outdoors. This lamp is often used to decorate public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, cafes and in certain events. Lights with a variety of colors have become a favorite type of lamp to be used as decoration at night. Search for various models of lantern models or plain colored motifs and various other types that you can get directly from various types of sellers in All price and model offers here are sold with various options that you can adjust to your needs. So immediately submit a purchase request for the procurement of goods at the lowest price wholesale and retail from all sellers or sellers in

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Cheap Lantern Prices in Indonesia

Looking for various price list of lanterns that you want to resell? In you can get various models that match what you want and in accordance with the demands of your consumers. All of the various models and types of course have different qualities, besides that the difference in price of each model must also have their respective advantages both in terms of the quality of the material and the choice of motifs and colors.

Lantern Model Estimated Price
Model Red and White Paper Material Diameter 20 cm Rp. 8,000
Colorful Fabric Model Diameter 50 cm Rp. 25,000
Lotus Flower Floating Model Rp. 27,000
Lotus Floating Water Model Rp. 28,000
Thread Model Diameter 20 cm Rp. 19,000
Cartoon Character Model Rp. 800,000
Animal Model Rp. 800,000

Lantern Model Based on Installation and Material

There are so many types of lanterns based on the model or motif, so many different models of course you can use to reference the type selection you can choose according to your wishes or also to meet the needs of your consumers, the following types:

  • Model of fabric, made from various types of materials cloth with various colors.
  • Character model, is a type of lantern that is made to resemble a character, cartoon or animal character.
  • Model of yarn, made of materials thread that is united or spun around a lantern's frame, with a variety of colors.     
  • Floating model, this type is made from waterproof material because it is generally installed on water or ponds.
  • Hanging model, this type is usually installed by hanging on a tree, rope or other place.
  • Paper material model, made of various types of materials paper .

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To find various types of decorative lighting models, you can directly connect with various companies, hanging lantern craftsmen for all needs, for example, to decorate the interior and exterior of a place or room. In accordance with the shape of one of these types of decorative lights are generally often used to be decorative lights for parks, holiday celebrations and new year's events . To commemorate various events or parties, companies generally will look for goods or products with the lowest price and competitive quality.

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New Product Lanterns

Lampion Lions
Supplier : PT Hiraishi Surya Persada
Price : Call
Jawa Barat , Bekasi
Double Ball Paper Lanterns 2 Colors
Supplier : Toko Lampionku Group
Price : Rp 147,500
Jawa Timur , Malang
Supplier : UD. Indo Sari Mas
Price : Rp 7,500
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
How To Make A Lantern Characters
Supplier : Toko Lampionku Group
Price : Rp 800,000
Jawa Timur , Malang
Lampion Home
Supplier : PT Inspiro
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Selatan
Hanging Paper Lanterns
Supplier : UD. Indo Sari Mas
Price : Rp 12,500
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat