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Duct tape

Duct tape

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Tape Type

1. Opp Tape / Duct Tape

Opp tape or what we often know as duct tape is the type that is often used and seen by us. This duct tape is clear or brown. Usually this type of duct tape is used for packing cardboard for both light and heavy sizes. This duct tape can stick tightly to all kinds of surfaces made of glass, wood, cardboard, paper, iron, plastic.

2. Stationary Tape

Actually this type of duct tape has the same function as opp tape, but stationary tape has a smaller size for smaller jobs. Made of polypropylene film coated and the adhesive is a strong water-based acrylic resin glue. This duct tape is often used in household, office, art works, schools, gift wrapping, and others.

3. Masking Tape

Masking tape is a type of duct tape that is usually used to prevent certain surfaces from being painted, hide uneven surfaces and other related issues. Usually this duct tape is used by automotive vehicle painting services such as cars and motorcycles. In addition, this duct tape can be used in glass cutting services, interior design both in offices and homes and other buildings. This masking tape is easy to tear and remove so it doesn't leave any marks on the surface. Made of crepe paper which is coated with solvent base natural rubber resin.

4. Cloth Tape

Cloth tape is a type of black duct tape that is commonly used to bind books, papers and others. This duct tape is made of cotton fabric with the outer surface coated with PE and the inner surface coated with natural rubber resin. This type of duct tape is very strong, resistant to weather and not easily torn. This black duct tape is often a complement to merchandise at photocopying services, building shops, bookstores and others.

5. Double Tape

This duct tape is large and small according to a specific purpose. Made of tissue paper, both sides are coated with acrylic base adhesive so that both sides can stick to certain surfaces. . This double tape is suitable for use in electronics, offices, printing industry, schools and others.

That's a discussion about duct tape, when using duct tape you can use a cutter knife to split it and can use other office stationery that can help optimize duct tape.