KWH Meter

KWH Meter

Selling Electric Meter or Kwh Meter the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Kwh Mete with the latest prices that serve to measure how much electricity is used in an electricity grid, be it a household or a factory. Previously, many people used analog based electricity meters. But over the times, now there is a digital electric meter system. Because right now the kwh meter is not only a count of how much electricity is used, but also as a pulse electricity meter, that is, PLN electricity customers can directly charge electric pulses or tokens with nominal purchases ranging from 25,000 to millions. And the amount of electricity obtained also varies depending on the purchase of electric pulses.

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Differences in Digital and Analog Kwh Meters

Analog Kwh Meter or Analog Electric Meter

This meter consists of several components, namely the tuning device, voltage coil, permanent magnet, disk, terminal, and some supporting components in the form of small electronics. The driving element consists of special rollers regulating current and voltage. Then at the top of this driving element, you will find a rotating element consisting of a disc-shaped conductor, accompanied by several holes. Then, this element will rotate according to its shaft path assisted by two bearings and an adjustable gear. Then there is also the brake element that has a permanent magnet flanking the disk. Finally, the counter element is converted into the meter numbers in your Kwh.

Digital Kwh Meter or Digital Electric Meteral

This is one of the newest meter types, which is currently more widely used by the public. Its working mechanism uses the principle of working digitally, which is clearly different from analog meters. This digital meter works according to the programming system that has been installed into the microprocessor. Like an analog meter, digital Kwh will obtain an input in the form of a voltage analog signal, which is then converted to digital numbers. On this meter, you can find information labels related to the total electric power owned (token), LED indicators, contractor indicators, metrology seals, LCD display < / a> for charging tokens, as well as keypad rubber used for charging token pulses.

Then, which one is superior?

Both have different work systems, but they are still supported by the same principles. It's just the use of an analog meter, just the same as you use electricity performance in postpaid while digital meter uses electricity performance on a prepaid basis. So that in using a digital meter you can better control the use of electric power because you can easily detect the amount of remaining tokens you have.

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