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Door Frame

Door Frame

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Types of Door Frame Materials

Before buying various models of frames for doors such as for Panel Doors, Aluminum Doors, Glass Doors, PVC Doors, or other types of doors. You should know in advance what types of materials for the manufacture of door frames that can be made with a variety of the latest, minimalist, modern models and even some that are designed with classic or antique shapes. Here are some types of materials that are commonly used for the manufacture of door frames or frames:

1. Wood Material

Frames or frames made of wood generally have a type of door that is also made of wood materials such as teak, mahogany, Kalimantan wood and some are made of glugu wood or coconut wood. This type of door frame made of wood is a common material and is the prima donna for the construction of doors and windows of a residential house and building.

2. Mild Steel Material

The use of mild steel or aluminum is one of the materials that is currently a solution for several building constructions. Because the door frame frame made of this type of material does have more advantages than wood, such as lower prices, and resistance to termites.

3. Plastic Material

Currently, plastic material for door frames made of PVC plastic and UPVC plastic is the best solution for materials that can be made into various types of door frame models and window frames. Due to the decreasing amount of wood production, plastic construction products are currently one of the best products for home or residential construction solutions.