Door Frame

Door Frame

Buy door frames / door frames from wood, aluminum, plastic and iron / mild steel at low prices from the largest and cheapest manufacturers or factories, suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Get a variety of offers for various types of frames for doors with the best quality materials at the lowest wholesale prices. The size of the door frame generally has different sizes depending on the model of the door made, because the development style of construction and property for residential homes, buildings and offices makes innovation door models as diverse as minimalist, modern, classic or antique models that you can adjust to market demand. To find and get various types of special frames for various models of the best cheap wholesale prices, you can directly submit a purchase request directly from all suppliers of frames from all over Indonesia only in now.

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Various Door Frame Materials


Before buying various models of door frames, you should know in advance what types of materials for making door frames that can be made with a variety of the latest models, minimalist, modern and even there are still which is designed with a clastic or antique shape. Here are some materials that are usually used to make door frames or frames:


Wood Material
    Frames or frames made of wood are generally made of door leaves also made of wood such as teak, mahogany, Kalimantan wood and some are made of glugu wood or coconut wood.   This type of jamb made from wood is a common material and is a favorite for the construction of doors and windows of residential houses and buildings.


Lightweight Steel / Aluminum Material
  Material made from various types of mixtures of aluminum, steel and iron is one material that is currently a solution for building construction that can be said is also a favorite. Because the door frame made of this type of material does have advantages over wood, such as lower prices, resistant to termites.


Plastic Materials
  Frames for doors made of plastic materials such as PVC plastic and UPVC plastic are the best solutions for materials that can be made into various types of door and window frame models. Due to the decreasing amount of wood production, plastic construction products are currently one of the best products for home or residential construction solutions.


The Best Cheap Door Frame Material Price


Search and find a variety of frames for doors that can be made into the best frame with better quality that is resistant to use for a longer period of time. All the door frame requirements from various materials such as wood, plastic and mild steel that you want to find and buy, you can immediately get from all the offers of goods offered by all suppliers in right now. You can also see some reference prices for door frames as below:

Type / Brand Estimated Price
Kaka Wood Frame Type T Rp. 800,000
Silver Brown, Silver Aluminum Sills Rp. 1,000,000
Bayur Wood Frame Rp. 300,000
UPVC 80cm x 200cm sills Rp. 1,035,000
Angzdoor HDF frame Rp. 893,000

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Find various types of frames for the latest minimalist, modern door models at the best prices from various frame suppliers in Indonesia through the largest B2B market place. Also find all companies from all over Indonesia that are closest, complete and trusted here. All offers from various types of companies be it manufacturers, sills factories or suppliers and distributors you can find in Indotrading. So what are you waiting for immediately submit requests to buy directly from all companies in

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New Product Door Frame

Engineering Honeycomb Door
Supplier : PT Karya Kerinci Seblat
Price : Rp 2,000,000
Jawa Barat , Bogor
Door Leaf Jamb Set
Supplier : PT Jattoer Jaya Mandiri
Price : Rp 950,000
Banten , Tangerang
Solid Door
Supplier : PT Rekacipta Mira Tama
Price : Rp 2,500,000
Bekasi , Bekasi
Aluminum Door Sills
Supplier : PT. Sinar Bumi Indah
Price : Call
Banten , Kota Tangerang
Standard Teak Wood Panel Doors
Supplier : CV. Restu Jaya
Price : Rp 1,800,000
Banten , Kota Serang
Teak Wood Sills Materials
Price : Call
Yogyakarta , Yogyakarta