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Windows Frame

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What is Windows Frame

A window frame is a frame that is used to support the window sash. Window frames are typically made of wood, aluminum, or PVC.

Window frames have several functions, including:

  • Supporting the window sash. Window frames are used to support the window sash in place and prevent it from falling out of the wall.
  • Absorbing weight. Window frames are used to absorb the weight of the window sash, so it does not put too much stress on the wall.
  • Providing security. Window frames are used to provide security for the room by preventing unauthorized access.
  • Beautifying the appearance. Window frames can add to the aesthetic appeal of a room.

Price Swing Window Frames profile conch Rp 90,000
Price Cheap Alexindo Aluminum Frame Surabaya Rp 125,000
Price Alexindo Aluminium Frame Rp 100,000
Price Cheap Aluminium Window Sills Malang Rp 100,000
Price Aluminum Metal Metal Frame Rp 100,000
Price Alko Aluminum Frame Rp 100,000
Price Aluminum Conch Upvc Window Frames Rp 150,000
Price Imported Material Aluminum Window Frames Rp 550,000
Price Indalex Aluminum Frame Rp 100,000


Window Sills Model


When viewed from various forms or models of windows there are many types ranging from standard models to the most recent models that we encounter in various residential houses, buildings and so on. If you are still curious about the various frames and window models, make sure you see some models that are definitely used by many of the following window construction:


Minimalist Model
  The style of the minimalist model is one of the sill and window models that are sought after and used by most and most people who want a model that is simple but still good and yet looks simple.


Modern Model
  In addition to simple models like the explanation above, you can also order and search for various modern models such as unique window sills that are rarely used by people or even the most recent models that have not been widely used for houses and buildings such as apartments and hotels.


Antique / Classic Model
  In addition to the two models above, of course, there are also many manufacturers and suppliers who still sell various models of sills for classic / antique windows. In fact, many people also install antique windows at home. Because this classic style is usually unique too, it makes people want to use and own the model.


Best Quality Cheap Window Frame Prices


If you have obtained various types of frame models for the window you want to buy or haven't got the frame model that you are looking for, you can immediately submit a request for the procurement of frames according to your needs. from the size, material and model specifications you're looking for. See also some of the latest frame price reference ranges that you can see in the price table below:

Type / Brand Estimated Price
120x160cm Aluminum Frame Rp. 95,000
Aluminum Frame 1 Window 30x90cm Set Rp. 380,000
UPVC Swing Frame 1 Set Rp. 300,000
UPVC Frame Sliding Window Set 1 Rp. 265,000

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors of Window Frames in Indonesia

After you get various estimated prices as above, you can easily find items to your liking. But to find a variety of frames according to the specifications that you can want, you can also easily submit a request for procurement of goods with specific sizes, materials and models according to your needs, only through the procurement of goods online, directly through Indotrading.com now.