Commode Chair

Commode Chair

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Buy toilet seats at low prices, complete brands of the best quality at cheap prices from distributors and suppliers of medical equipment in Indonesia. Find various types and sizes of special chairs designed as a tool when the water discharge in the toilet specifically used by patients or people who are sick and can not sit properly when urinating in the closet to sit / closet squatting as usual. Search and find various models of chairs and different brands for procurement of goods for your medical equipment store or procurement of goods in large quantities to procure goods for the company. Get it immediately only through because here you can find companies from all over Indonesia.

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GEA FS 810 chair Rp. 365,000
Galena 904P Chair Rp. 992,000
KY894 Commode Chair Rp. 440,000
KY696 Commode Chair Rp. 500,000

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Like the estimated price information in the price list above, is the estimated price of wc seats that can change at any time. To get various information and other price quotes from all sellers in Indotrading. You can immediately get it through various best offers from suppliers and distributors that are here. Immediately find a choice of prices and choices of brands and different qualities to get the best quality goods and the most appropriate price for resale or meet the needs of companies such as hospitals or health clinics.

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