Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair

Buy lounge chairs / reclining chairs at cheap prices, unique, minimalist and modern models at cheap prices from suppliers, distributors of the cheapest and most complete chairs in Indonesia. In accordance with its function, the recliner / lounge chair is designed for the needs of casual sitting, both for indoor and outdoor use. For procurement of goods including various types of chairs from sellers in Indotrading, you can directly submit a purchase request via the RFQ page or directly contact the seller for details of how to purchase and at the same time offer models, specifications and prices of the seats you want to buy. Every offer from the seller you receive can be directly compared with offers from other companies so that you will get the price that is most appropriate for what you want to buy.

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Price of Lounge Chair / Lazy Chair

Search for chair prices with minimalist, unique and modern or classic models, find all types of chairs that you need only from all the seat sellers in Indotrading.com. Before submitting a purchase request you can immediately see the price reference for the type of chair below and then you can directly submit your purchase request, then compare the various offers.

Teak Rocking Chair Rp. 500,000
Relaxing Folding Chairs Teak and Fabric Materials Rp. 509,000
Bamboo Material Sleeping Chair Rp. 650,000
Bamboo / Lincak Chair Rp. 550,000

Supplier, Distributor of Leisure Chairs

Find a variety of chairs with a minimalist and unique design for the needs of home, office or hotel furniture that can be used to relax with the best prices with competitive quality from suppliers and distributors of chairs in Indonesia. Various companies or chair manufacturers that you can get at Indotrading will provide the best offers for all your needs. In addition to low prices, you will certainly also get many offers of types and models of chairs like the information below.

Lazy Chair Model / Lounge Chair

There are many different types or models of chairs available on the market that you can get at various prices ranging from the cheapest to the highest. All models that are sold certainly have a lot of different shapes, sizes or models, here are some models of chairs that you want to include pumpkin chairs, bamboo chairs, folding chairs and rocking chairs or rattan chairs which are all generally uniquely shaped, minimalist for comfort when sit back or relax while on vacation.

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New Product Lounge Chair

Lounge Chairs
Supplier : UD. Cartiera Cirebon Furniture
Price : Rp 2,300,000
Jawa Barat , Cirebon
Indonesia Natural Rattan Chair Wholesale Exporter Furniture
Supplier : CV. Mekar Asih Rattan
Price : Rp 3,500,000
Jawa Barat , Cirebon
Lounger - Padmaloka
Supplier : PT. Padmaloka Internasional
Price : Call
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
Brazen Sabre 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Chair
Supplier : PT Merapi Indonesia Internasional
Price : Rp 2,500,000
Yogyakarta , Sleman
Horison Sun Lounger
Supplier : CV. Qirana
Price : USD 171
Jawa Tengah , Semarang
Belladonna Bonn Chair
Supplier : PT. Belladonna Primaraya
Price : Call
Jawa Barat , Cirebon