Wheel Chair

Wheel Chair

Buy electric and manual wheelchairs at the best prices for the best brands from the cheapest and largest importers, suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Submit procurement of goods for your company directly from trusted companies suppliers and distributors in Indontrading to get the lowest prices. A wheelchair is a type of medical device shaped like a chair equipped with two wheels and more that serves as a walking aid for patients or people who are undergoing treatment because they cannot walk as in general. The way to move the wheelchair is to turn the wheel forward or backward and turn left and right. But now there is also an electric chair that is enough to press the button in the direction and action to be taken.

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Get a wide selection of the cheapest and best prices from suppliers and also distributors and importers in Indonesia who provide the lowest price quotes from various brands in Indonesia for the procurement of goods for your medical equipment business or to procure goods for your company. Here are some price range offers directly from some suppliers or sellers in Indotrading which can be a price reference that you can compare with one or the other company.

Brand / Type Estimated Price
Sella KY 900 LB Rp. 875,000
GEA FS 868 Rp. 1,100,000
Sella KY 809 Rp. 850,000
Avico LX871B Rp. 1,100,000
GEA FS868L Rp. 1,395,000
Sella 3 in 1 Rp. 1,625,000
Sella KY809B Rp. 884,000
Avico Arjuna 871 Rp. 1,155,000

The above price is a price update January 31, 2020, for more details in accordance with brand specifications, sizes and others can also directly submit a purchase request at Indotrading RFQ .

The Wheel Chair Model Based on Function

To choose a suitable wheelchair, manual, electric or portable wheelchair must indeed be thorough, if the wrong choice of function will not be maximal and it is possible for users to not feel comfortable when sitting on it especially if it is used to help walk or mobility will not be comfortable. If seen from the shape or model, there are several types of chairs based on the benefits and functions, the following are some functions and benefits that you can consider before buying it.

1. Use for sports, this type is used specifically for athletes with disabilities to carry out sports activities both inside and outside the room. For example, it is used for tennis and table tennis, of course it must have special specifications for the sport.

2. Use for health and rehabilitation, this type of chair must have special specifications in accordance with the conditions in patients who use it. For example patients who use it are patients who undergo post-operation with ordinary patients of course must be different models and specifications. So specifically for this type should consult with health experts before determining the purchase.

3. The use for mobility, models and types of this one generally only prioritizes comfort when used for mobility which is usually used for daily activities for patients or people with disabilities.

Of the various types of chairs above are based on the benefits or use, but also available based on other specifications such as size and brand. Various brands are available from suppliers and sellers in Indotrading, but of course also each brand also has a variety of types and types based on different specifications.

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