Door Lock

Door Lock

Door locks are door accessories that function to secure the door by locking both from outside and inside a particular room. To use the key whether it is installed on the door of the house or other types of door , make sure to use the best type of key with the latest technology or model that has a standard the good one. If you want to find and buy a variety of types and key models with a complete brand, you can directly submit requests for procurement of goods or offers directly from all the sellers in Indotrading. By submitting a purchase request you will easily get offers of various types of locks for doors at the cheapest wholesale prices in Indonesia.

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To find and obtain various types of house door security locks that you want to buy , you should be able to directly submit directly through a wide selection of companies in Besides you can get price information, you can also easily find information on the choice of the best key brands for home doors, so that it will provide a sense of satisfaction, safety and comfort when left traveling. Because the main function of the key is for safety equipment including securing the door of the house while traveling. You can also easily search directly for estimated price information like in the table below:

Type / Brand Estimated Price
YALE Mortise 28P3.40 Rp. 275,000
YALE Mortise 28P3.60 Rp. 277,200
Bossini Key Cylinder Rp. 55,000
Bossini's Round Key Rp. 40,000
Alessa's Key Body Rp. 76,000

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