Tool Box

Tool Box

Buy toolbox / toolbox at cheap prices, the best brands, complete sizes from suppliers, importers and distributors of workshop tools and builders in Indonesia. Toolbox is one of the workshop tools that serves to store workshop equipment such as wrenches, key rings, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers and various other types of workshop equipment. This toolbox is often used for car, motorcycle and electronic repair shops so that workshop equipment will be neater when using it and after use. Toolbox functions in addition to the workshop tools are also useful to make it easier for mechanics to find the keys you want to use, because the tool box can be moved or shifted according to our wishes. To procure various types of tool boxes, you can directly submit your purchase request directly from various suppliers or companies in

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Latest Cheap Plastic and Iron Tool Box Prices in Indonesia


Immediately make the procurement submission form or offer the tool key box that you want according to specifications such as brand, size, color and various other criteria for the items you want to buy for various business needs or your company needs. To get a cheap price reference anywhere, you can see all the offerings of goods from various companies in In addition you can immediately also see information on various estimated box prices as in the information below:

Box Type Estimated Price
Tekiro TB902 Plastic Toolbox Rp. 235,000
Tekiro T325 Tool Box Rp. 135,000
Krisbow Plastic Toolbox Rp. 199,000
13-inch Krisbow Toolbox Rp. 169,000

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In addition to searching for and finding items that fit your needs, you should also be able to look for a selection of the best goods supplier companies for your company. Each company in Indotrading certainly has a different location, to facilitate and speed up the procurement of goods you can also directly determine and search for companies directly by choosing by company categories such as the location of the company that is also a toolbox in Jakarta or Bandung and various cities throughout Indonesia. < / p>

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