AC Condenser

AC Condenser

Sell the best price bank capacitors from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy bank capacitors with the latest prices that function for the replacement of ac parts in the condenser parts at the lowest prices from the largest and most comprehensive suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. AC condenser is a heat exchanger or heat used to condense and convert high-pressure gases into high-pressure liquids which will then flow into the receiver dryer and proceed to the expansion valve. AC condenser can be called a heat exchange that can transfer heat into the air because this tool is a hot part of the air conditioner, the location of the condenser is generally placed at the front of the car radiator. 

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What is an AC Condenser?

AC condenser is an AC component that plays a role in decreasing the temperature of refrigerant gas and plays a role in the occurrence of the condensation process. Condensation itself is a process in converting freon which was originally in the form of gas into a liquid form. Well, the AC condenser must be properly maintained, because if not, it will interfere with the performance of the freon and the cooling cycle of the car.

Cause of AC Condenser Damaged Quickly

  1. The amount of freon is too high, causing the temperature and pressure in the condenser to be higher
  2. The amount of oil in the compressor is too excessive
  3. There is a lot of dirt and dust in the condenser fan so that the wind generated is less

How To Get The AC Condenser Not Damaged Quickly

  1. Periodic checking by yourself
  2. If you wash the car, be sure to clean the dirt that is also attached to the condenser
  3. Service regularly by taking it to the garage

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