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Continuous Form

Continuous Form

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Uses of Continuous Form Paper

Continuous Form paper is usually made from NCR (Non-Carbon Required) paper which consists of three parts, namely top, middle, and bottom. This paper facilitates the printing process because it does not require carbon to be able to print on several sheets at once. This paper can be used with Dot Matrix printers. Continuous Form itself has various grams (size), ranging from 50-55 gms, up to the size of HVS (ranging from) 60 gsm to 80 gsm.

The functions and uses of continuous form paper are:

1. As Sales Invoice

This type of paper will make it easier for the cashier to provide valid and accountable proof of sales because both the seller and the customer have the same evidence.

2. Proof of Receipt and Expenditure

In a company, whether small or large, every day there must be transactions that occur, whether money is coming in or going out. This paper can be used as proof of expenditure or income to the company. In addition to being legal, the use of Continuous Form is also effective, because in one print, there are several evidences at once.

3. As Travel Letter

Travel documents are one of the conditions that must be met when sending goods to a certain address. This paper can be used as a travel document because it has several copies, one of which is held by the consumer, while the other is for the sender or seller.

4. For Tax Invoice Pembuatan

Tax invoice is proof of tax collection by PKP (Taxable Entrepreneur). PKP must make this invoice as proof of having collected taxes when buying goods or services. The use of Continuous Form is again effective and efficient for this one document.

5. As Salary Slip

Payslips contain details of salary earned, overtime pay, loans, or salary deductions. Therefore, it is important to have a copy of each employee's payslip. The solution is to use Continuous Paper. In one print, the company already has several pieces of evidence to give to employees and serve as archives.

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