Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Tile

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Buy various types of bathroom ceramics at the lowest price, complete models from the closest and most complete suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Search and find various types of bathroom floor tiles and walls with a variety of mildew and mildew resistant motifs at low prices only in Bathroom ceramics become one of the building materials that is able to give a feel of beauty to the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the rooms that is quite often a concern, because the bathroom will be a reflection of office building managers, apartments, shopping centers and residents of the house. The beauty of the combination of colors and bathroom ceramic motifs, usually adapted to the theme carried by the owner of the house or building manager be it modern or classic.

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Cheap Ceramic Bathroom Prices Per Meter / Per Cardboard

In you can get the best bathroom ceramic prices directly from distributors in Indotrading. The price of bathroom ceramics offered is usually adjusted to the brand, quality, type, after-sales service to the warranty provided by the seller. Various bathroom ceramics with various types and prices can be found here. Before buying make sure your needs, what type of bathroom ceramics you want to use and what brand you want to buy. Each type of bathroom ceramics certainly has advantages and disadvantages. Immediately make your purchase offer in and make sure you get the best price according to your needs.

Ceramic Type Estimated Price
Teranova Yelow Ceramic Bathroom 25mm X 25mm X 4mm Rp. 32,000
Mosaic Mass Sea Horse Type Tsq 1010 7.5mm X 7.5mm Rp. 27,000
Ceramic Bathroom with Mosaic 25mm X 25mm X4mm Rp. 20,000
Mosaic Mass Type Hex 1010 5 X 5mm X 5mm Rp. 25,700
Mosiac Mass Type Jis 2254 25mm X 25mm Rp. 32,000
Mosaic Mass Type Mix 185 C Rp. 270,000

Buy Ceramics for Bathroom Walls and Floors

Now the bathroom ceramics you need are very easy to find. Indotrading provides a list of companies that sell bathroom ceramics at the best price for your business needs, personal and agency. Get the lowest prices with a complete selection and the best warranty from distributors who are incorporated in Indotrading. The concept of a bathroom with a classic theme requires a deeper artistic imagination than a modern design. In the classic theme usually uses brown or beige bathroom ceramics with abstract or Roman ornament motifs. Modern concepts tend to be easier because they simply combine plain colors with classic motifs. Also at this time bathroom ceramic motifs that are sold on the market tend to have more modern themes. In addition to color and motif, another thing that must be considered is the safety factor of bathroom users. The bathroom is a room that is identical to water, although it uses a dry toilet system (dry toilet), it will not be separated from standing water. Stagnant water on the bathroom floor can cause slipped accidents, therefore bathroom ceramics should have a bumpy or rough surface texture to reduce the risk of user accidents.

Tips for Renovating a Minimalist and Unique Bathroom

If you feel bored with the bathroom nuances, there are no more interesting models when you do various activities in the bathroom, it's time you have to renovate the interior design of your bathroom more unique and give a different feel and impression. Here are tips you can try to make the bathroom more attractive with a minimalist and unique bathroom design.

1. Aside from using ceramic floors, you should also try and renovate them by replacing ceramic floors with marble floors and walls. The use of marble on the bathroom floor or wall becomes a luxurious impression with a feel of relaxation.

2. Use natural shades in the bathroom by renovating the corners of the room by adding ornamental plants in the room such as anthurium flowers, paski, jade plants, cactus and others. The benefits of this plant can make the bathroom feel more natural and fresh.

3. Add accents and ornaments that are unique and minimalist such as arranging natural stone, wood that you can buy or get directly in nature. By adding various ornaments, the bathroom will look more unique and natural.

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