Access Control Card

Access Control Card

Sell the best price control access cards from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy an Access Control Card at the latest price which is the card used to access certain areas. In addition to using fingerprints, the access control system is now also able to operate using RFID and Biometric technology cards. If you are looking for the right access control card for your control system, Indotrading is the solution! Because, in you can find various kinds of smart cards for various needs directly from reliable suppliers, distributors, and sellers in!

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Types of Access Control Cards

Not just any card can support the control system performance you have! You can consider this by choosing the type of access control card on the market. There are two types of access control cards available in the market, including:

1. Proximity Card
Proximity cards are access cards that are often used for security access systems and payment systems. This card relies on RFID technology or reads radio signals on the card to get access. This type of card uses a frequency of 13.56 MHz and the data position cannot be changed.

2. Mifare Card
In addition to proximity cards, another type of access card that is widely used is Mifare cards. This type of card can be found in attendance machines, ID cards, and many more. The way this card works is by matching the data in the card with the data on the machine. The reason is, this card stores data such as names, ID numbers, and employee fingerprints so that the data can be changed.

Best Access Card

1. HID
2. EM

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