Buy cheap floor mats for the best brands, turkish, fur, minimalist carpet motifs for home and mosque floors from distributors, duppliers, importers in Indonesia. In accordance with its function, the carpet is not only used as a flooring tool but is currently used as decoration in the home such as the living room, family room and bedroom. For the procurement of various types of rugs that you want to buy, immediately search and find various types based on brand, type and material and the size you choose. Because each type must have advantages and disadvantages, so make sure to buy the best goods as needed by directing the procurement of goods directly from all wholesale goods sellers or large quantities only in now.

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Types and Motives of the Best Floor Carpets

When viewed from the type or motif of a lot of tapestries or floor mats on the market, of course we are also often confused to determine which choice of floor mats we will choose and buy. Not to mention if we are offered prices or promos that sometimes become more difficult to determine the choice of goods. Now, to choose the type of floor mat that best suits your budget and the need for a floor mat for houses, mosques, offices, hotels or other rooms, you can choose the most favorite most sought-after motifs below:

  1. Turkish / Persian rugs are imported carpets from Turkey and Persia that have no doubt the quality and are the best and most favorite choice in Indonesia.
  3. Fur carpet is a floor mat made from wool yarn and the like so that this floor mat looks like animal hair and is the most favorite choice.
  5. Minimalist carpets are floor mat or rug motifs that have a minimalist and simple image and not too many pictures.
  7. Character rugs are various rugs that are designed and made with certain character or model motifs such as animal, cartoon and other characters.

Latest Cheap Carpet Prices

Today is still confused to find information on the procurement price of carpets / rugs or floor mats cheapest, most complete and best in Indonesia? Now you don't need to be confused anymore, just open on your gadget or laptop and search for various motifs of your chosen floor mat or simply submit a purchase request that you can send to all suppliers, distributors or importers in Indonesia. In addition, you can also see price references such as the list of floor mat prices below:

Type / Material Estimated Price
Plush material per sheet Rp. 55,000
Foam material per sheet Rp. 30,700
Material of fur / wool yarn Rp. 85,000
Minimalist vinyl material Rp. 45,000
Foam plastic material Rp. 60,000
Ordinary plastic materials Rp. 35,000

Importers, Suppliers and Distributors of Carpets in Indonesia

If you have found various estimates or price references through the information above, you can also easily get information on the location of the closest distributor from your company's location. And not only that, you can easily easily search for prices, information on goods or directly compare various offers by sellers of rugs or floor mats in Indotrading to get the items and prices that best suit what you want. So what are you waiting for, just one request for procurement of goods in Indotrading, you will immediately get tens to hundreds of offers from all companies from all over Indonesia in

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