Rubber Bracelet

Rubber Bracelet

Buy cheap color rubber bands and complete sizes of the best brands from distributors, suppliers, importers, factories / factories and stores from all over Indonesia. In accordance with its function, this bracelet-shaped rubber has a variety of functions including straps of various types of shop items, minimarkets / supermarkets to markets. This shaped rubber rope has good elasticity for various purposes so it is sought after and needed by various companies, shops, individuals. If you are interested in finding a cheap wholesale rubber band distributor from all companies in Indonesia. You can directly submit requests or procure goods directly from all sellers in Indotrading to get the best prices.

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Immediately get a variety of rubber price information from large companies in Indonesia in order to get the best deals from all the stock of goods they sell through Indotrading. To facilitate the procurement of goods for your shop or company, you can directly make Indotrading RFQ. By making a purchase request you will more easily get the lowest price quote according to what you need. However, you can also see some price references here before buying.

Brand / Type Estimated Price
100gram NOS Rp. 7,000
80gram SMILE Rp. 5,600
SAKURA 100gram Rp. 6,500
ROMAN 100gram Rp. 5,000
THREE NINE 1kg Rp. 24,000

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