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Activated Carbon

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What is Activated Carbon

Activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal or activated carbon, is a type of carbon that has been treated to have micropores and a very large surface area. The activation process involves heating a carbon material (usually coal, coke, or coconut shell) to a high temperature with a specific gas or activator, such as water vapor or carbon dioxide. The result of this process is a carbon structure with many very small pores and a large surface area, so it is able to absorb chemicals and particles from the surrounding environment.

Price Karbon Aktif FREEMAN - Activated Carbon Tempurung Kelapa - GOLD Rp 63,500
Price Star Brand Activated Carbon 25 kg bag packaging Rp 400,000
Price Activated Carbon Rp 27,600
Price Karbon Aktif Kowa Lodin 1000 Rp 78,000
Price Activated carbon type 1000 Lodin Jacobi Rp 57,600
Price Karbon Aktif Haycarb coconut base Iodine 1000 Rp 42,000
Price ACTIVE CARBON AS Odor Removing ON WATER FILTER 25 KG/ SAK Rp 3,333
Price Imported Activated Carbon Jacobi Aquasorb 2000 Rp 1,456,000
Price Haycarb Activated Carbon Coconut shell Rp 875,000
Price Aktivated Carbon Pelet Ecer Persak 25kg Rp 450,000

Uses of Activated Carbon for Water

Activated carbon is very useful for water filters, this is because activated carbon acts as a filter and water purifier. To find out more about the benefits of activated carbon, here's the discussion:

1. Purify water

Activated Carbon is often used in water treatment to purify water by absorbing chemicals, heavy metals and organic matter contained in water.

2. Eliminate odors

Activated Carbon can remove unwanted odors and tastes in water or food. Therefore, activated carbon is often used in drinking water filtration, sewage treatment and food processing.

3. Eliminate toxins in the body

Activated carbon can absorb toxins and other harmful substances from the human digestive system, thereby helping to rid the body of these harmful substances.

4. Helps treat poisoning

Activated carbon can be used to help treat poisoning caused by drug or chemical overdose. Activated carbon can absorb these harmful substances thereby preventing the absorption of these substances by the body.

5. Improving soil quality

Activated carbon can be used in agriculture to improve soil quality by increasing water retention and adding nutrients to the soil.

6. Waste treatment

Activated carbon is used in industrial waste treatment to absorb hazardous chemicals and reduce pollutants in industrial waste.

7. Oil refining

Activated Carbon is used in the oil and gas industry to purify crude oil and remove harmful chemicals contained in the oil.