AC Capacitor

AC Capacitor

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AC capacitors are classified as an electronic device whose function is to store the charge of energy in the electric field, by collecting unbalanced internal electrical charges. So it can be concluded that a machine will not work without the help of capacitors. Generally this tool is used on air conditioners that are installed based on PK capacity on the AC itself. Not infrequently this tool can cause problems that cause the AC can not turn on. That way, you need to replace the new AC capacitors that you can buy online in Indotrading.

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Easy Ways to Replace New AC Capacitors

As explained earlier, the capacitor is an AC engine drive or the first starter on the compressor. Each AC machine has a different capacitor size, depending on the PK value on the AC itself. If your air conditioner cannot turn on caused by a capacitor, then you need to replace it with a new one. Following this is an easy step to replace AC capacitors:

  •   First, you need to unplug the power supply connected to the AC. This method is useful to avoid stun when the capacitor is removed.
  •   Use a tool called the Afometer to determine the condition of the damage that occurs in the capacitor.
  •  If there is damage, then you can immediately replace it with a new one and then connect the capacitor to the first socket with the tip of the cable blue, then attach the cable with the red end with the AC compressor.

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