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Capacitor Function

Capacitors are very useful for supporting electronic components where they can store electrical charges and can be used as filters. Here are the functions of this small, functional tool!

  • To temporarily store electric current and voltage
  • As a filter in an electronic circuit
  • Eliminates bounces or sparks when installing switches
  • As a coupling between one electronic circuit with another
  • Saves electricity if it is mounted on a neon lamp
  • DC electric current isolator
  • AC electric current conductor
  • Oxiliator or AC wave generator
  • Align the DC wave on the adapter

Types of Capacitors

Capacitors are divided into two types, namely fixed capacitors and variable capacitors.

1. Permanent Capacitors

The capacitor still refers to the type of capacitor whose capacity value has been determined by the manufacturer and we cannot change. Included in fixed capacitors include ceramic capacitors, polyester capacitors, paper capacitors, mica capacitors, electrolytic capacitors and tantalum capacitors.

2. Indeterminate Capacitors

In contrast to fixed capacitors, variable capacitors or commonly referred to as variable capacitors are types of capacitors whose capacity values ​​can be adjusted or changed. There are two capacitors that are included in this type namely VARCO and Trimmer.

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