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Buy the latest models of low-priced Lamp Shades from the best brand suppliers / distributors and manufacturers or craftsmen of the nearest lamp shades in your city. As the name suggests, this lamp shade or decorative lampshade, table lamp or hanging lamp functions not only as a decoration on the lamp to produce exotic light, but is also used to protect the lamp. Lampshades are usually used to cover table lamps and are cone shaped. Lampshades are one of the interior accessories we can function of course with some special touches. At present there are many lamp shades with various designs and colors that we can choose according to your needs. For the needs of your company or business, for example a light accessories shop, you can directly look for and submit a request for goods or procure goods at the lowest price only in now

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List of Minimalist Model Lampshade Prices in Indonesia

Find various types of lampshades for pendants, table lamps or decorative lamps for interior decoration at home or various rooms and your decorative lighting needs wherever you are. To find various types and models of this lampshade, you can see the estimated price of various models of lamp shades that are widely sold by manufacturers / craftsmen of outdoor and indoor lighting accessories.

Lampshade Model Estimated Price
Plain Motif Sleeping Lampshade Rp. 40,000
Minimalist White Decorative Hanging Lampshade Rp. 60,000
Minimalist Lampshade Motif for Outdoor and Interior Rp. 44,000
Minimalist Motif Lampshades Rp. 55,000
Unique Plain Color Lampshade Rp. 40,000

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Want to find models of decorative lampshades for homes, offices, hotels or various needs for the procurement of lighting accessories that are sold at the cheapest prices in Indonesia? Find all the diverse collections and models from tens to hundreds of minimalist and unique lampshade models only in All prices of goods sold in are low prices for all your needs, so what are you waiting for immediately apply to buy the most complete product only from a trusted seller here.

Minimalist and Unique Lampshade Model

To buy various types of goods or products, of course you must also specify the specifications of the product you want to buy and use. In addition to price and brand, of course, each buyer or you also determine which model is the best for you to use. For example, to buy lighting accessories, there are certainly a lot of considerations that you must pay attention to, such as determining which model you want to buy, the latest model, minimalist or most unique model that has never been used by others or the number of products with the model you want to buy only at not much production.

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