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Types of Calculators Based on Usage

When viewed from the way of using or calculating functions, there are two types that we often encounter in various needs, as for the types, among them are as described below:

1. Scientific calculator is used to calculate numbers such as addition, subtraction, division, percentage and enter various mathematical formulas that are often used when working on and calculating various numbers in daily activities.

2. Printing calculator is a type of calculating tool that we also often encounter in daily activities and is often used by for example by traders and workers or employees in trade activities and the business of buying and selling goods. This calculator is used as in the cash register .

Recommended Brands of the Best Calculator

Find a variety of brands and the best quality of all types of black flowers that are widely sold in Indonesia. To search and find various types of the best counting equipment from the best brands, you can directly submit a request to buy directly from various sellers in All price information you can get by submitting a request to buy easily and quickly directly to all sellers in To see a comparison of prices or references or recommendations can be seen below below.

1. Casio fx-570ES Plus Standard Scientific (Rp. 300,000)

2. Casio FX-991ES Plus Scientific (Rp. 270,000)

3. Casio Scientific FX-350ES Plus (Rp. 180,000)

4. Casio Printing DR-240-TM (Rp. 1,100,000)

5. Citizen Scientific FX-350ES PLUS (Rp. 35,000)

6. Deli Scientific / Scientific E1710 (Rp. 84,600)

7. Sharp Scientific EL-501X (Rp. 75,000)

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