Buy cloth rags / rags at cheap wholesale prices per kg or sell kiloan with the best brands from suppliers, importers and distributors of patchwork for various needs of cleaning tools and various other purposes such as used to manufacture finished products such as handicrafts, washcloths and various other products. Rag / patch cloth is a collection of some pieces of fabric left over from the garment and garment industry that are not used anymore, then processed into various other products that are more useful. To get various types of patchwork / rags for the needs of industry or factories that you need cloth to be used as a rag or other products, you can immediately get it by submitting a purchase request that you can send to all suppliers or sellers who sell fabric waste from convection production . Immediately submit a purchase request directly from all trusted sellers in Indotrading.com.

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Price of Cheap Cotton Fabrics per Kg in Indonesia

Get a variety of options for the price of cloth rags / patchwork for all the different needs for each business of your company, find a variety of choices for the best prices offered by all sellers such as distributors and suppliers who sell fabrics at various prices so you will easily compare the best price and quality of your choice right now.

Polyester Type Patchwork Price Range
Plain White Plain Cotton Fabric 1 Kg Rp. 3,500
Combed Plain Cotton Patchwork Per 1 Kg Rp. 4,500
Patchwork Fabric Motifs Per 1 Kg Rp. 5,000
Plain Cut Fabrics Mix Motifs 1 Kg Rp. 2,500
Remaining Fabric Production Per 1 kg Rp. 3,000

Types of Handwork Made from Patchwork

To reduce waste disposal or textile industry waste such as convection which produces hundreds to thousands every day from all convection and textile industries in Indonesia. It's a good idea to make all of the remaining fabric that has been cut into pieces as crafts or home and office decoration that has artistic value and a variety of functions. The following are some types of products that are made and produced from patchwork or cotton cloth:

  • Pillowcases and Bolsters
  •     Tablecloth
  •     Washcloth
  •     Dolls
  •     Floor Carpet
  •     Cup Mat and Saucer
  •     Pouch
  •     Shopping Bag
  •     Blanket
  •     Tisue Box

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