Woven Fabric

Woven Fabric

Buy low-cost per meter woven and striated fabrics from the most complete, largest and cheapest striated and woven fabric manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Striated and woven is a type of traditional fabric that has been widely produced in regions or throughout Indonesia. This traditional cloth is a work that can be an indetitas of Indonesia for each region is woven fabric / striated, because there are various types of motifs and striated diverse from each region so that it can create its own characteristics for the area. This striated and woven fabric can be used for a variety of material requirements for making traditional clothing that can be made into clothes, skirts, clothing accessories, bags, wallets, scarves, shawls and various types of works from this traditional fabric. To get various types of fabric and weaving choices you can directly submit a purchase request directly from all manufacturers, suppliers and distributors who sell striated and woven fabrics per meter, kilo or wholesale. So what are you waiting for, buy fabric at the lowest price and competitive quality only in Indotrading.com.

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Prices of Modern and Classical Ikat and Striated Weaving in Indonesia

Want to buy striated motifs and modern / classic woven motifs for making clothes or fashion? Before you look for retail price information in retail stores, you should first submit a purchase request to all suppliers in Indotrading with the most updated prices by offering wholesale or retail prices according to the needs and conditions of purchase from the seller.

Weaving Motif Gringsing Size 240cm x 120cm Estimated Price of Woven Fabric
Lurik Pedan Weaving Size 1 meter x 2.5 meter Rp. 127,000
Weaving Motif Toraja Size 240cm x 120cm Rp. 225,000
Weaving Troso Weaving Blanket Size 200cm x 60cm Rp. 95,000
Ulos Motif Weaving Size 240cm x 120cm Rp. 185,000

Buy Modern and Classic Ikat Fabric Motifs from Supplier / Disrtibutor at Indotrading

Confused by the choice of woven material on the market? Let's find all types and motifs of weaving from all regions in Indonesia which are sold directly by suppliers, distributors or manufacturers directly in Indotrading at low prices both per meter, roll / roll. All the prices of this traditional fabric you can get at cheap wholesale prices from all sellers from all over Indonesia in Indotrading.com. You first propose all types of procurement of goods before buying, by submitting woven fabric specifications based on size, motifs, threads, colors and modern motifs or classic motifs. All you can ask first and then you will quickly and easily compare the price and quality of the fabric. To find out the types or motifs of traditional woven fabrics from all over Indonesia, the following is a review.

The Most Popular Traditional Weaving Motif from All Archipelago

There are many types, models or traditional weaving motifs from all over Indonesia, each motif from this area has different characteristics. In addition, every motive must have a different philosophy or meaning. Here are some of the most popular weaving motifs that are sought after by people in Indonesia.

Striated Weaving Characteristics of having small striped motifs that have a rough fabric texture originating from Java.
Ulos Weaving Traditional fabrics made by weaving using open weaving machines, originating from Batak from the island of Sumatra
NTT Weaving Typical weaving that is made from Sumba NTT which has diverse and different motifs or patterns from various regions in Indonesia.
Tie Weaving Weaving from Bali is called ikat because the manufacturing process is indeed by arranging or tying several threads together.
Weaving Toraja This is a typical weaving motif of Toraja which has an interesting and unique classical model because it is different from other regions in Indonesia.
Weaving Gringsing Weaving or gringsing fabric is made with a double bond which is a very long process that originates from Tenganan Village, Bali.

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