Spunbond Fabrics

Spunbond Fabrics

Buy Spunbond Fabric / furing cloth or Non Woven Fabric at low prices per meter or the best brand rolls from importers, suppliers and distributors of the closest, cheapest, largest and most complete spunbond material in Indonesia for all business or industrial needs. This type of spunbond material is often used for manufacturing various types of products such as spunbond bags or shopping bags, making breathing masks, baby diapers, handicraft product wrappers, hair caps / head covers and various other types of products made from this spunbond fabric. For all your product manufacturing needs as exemplified above or for the needs of your fabric shop, submit a request to buy or procure fabric directly from all seller suppliers, distributors in Indotrading with a choice of spunbond price per meter, roll or roll according to the agreement of the buyer and seller. Immediately submit your purchase request now to get the lowest wholesale and retail price quotes.

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Type of Furing / Spunbond Fabric Based on its Size

There are several types of furing fabric or spunbond material which are distinguished based on their size. Because this furing material does have its types as measured by the thickness of each which has different functions or uses, including:

  • Furing  spunbond 100 gram , the thickest type of furing fabric is often used for bags that can carry heavier items.
  • Furing Spunbond 75 grams , with a measure of this thickness often used for making bags / spundbond bags.
  • Furing Spunbond 50 grams , the thinnest size is often only used for product wrapping or coatings, breathing masks etc.

Cheapest Spunbond Fabric Price per Meter in Indonesia

Are you looking for the price of spunbond material with the size and specifications according to what you want, for example the price per meter or per yard / roll? To get price information, you can look at the spunbond price list below or just directly submit a request for a quote directly from all selling companies such as suppliers and distributors in Indotrading.

Furing / Spunbond Size Estimated Spunbond Price
Furing / Spunbond Fabric Size 75 Gram 160 cm x 100 cm Rp. 8,500
Spunbond Fabric Size 100 Gram 160 cm x 100 cm Rp. 10,000
Ukund Spundbond Fabric 50 Gram 160 cm x 100 cm Rp. 6,500

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To search for various types of spunbond sellers for making bags, wrappers, materials for making air masks and other products, you can directly search for distributors based on the location closest to your city or can also simply submit a request directly through RFQ Indotrading to get an appropriate price comparison with what you want for example which has the lowest price criteria, the most suitable specifications such as fabric size, fabric thickness and quality spunbond material or which type.

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