Satin Fabric

Satin Fabric

Selling Satin / Sateen Fabrics at Low Prices

Buy satin fabric / sateen fabric at cheap prices for purchases per meter, roll / roll and kiloan the best selection of brands from suppliers, distributors closest, cheapest and most complete in Indonesia. For how to purchase fabric with the specifications you are looking for, you can immediately easily submit a request for the procurement of fabric with the conditions you want for example based on the fabric brand or size and fabric specifications that you want. To get the best price quote fabric with competitive quality, you can directly compare in advance from the various offers that you receive from the online procurement application fabric procurement in All fabric price quotes are generally offered at wholesale, whether it is the price of cloth, per roll / kilogram or per yard.


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Features of Satin / Sateen Fabric and its Use

In accordance with the physical form of the fabric which looks very smooth like this silk fabric, it does have special features that are used to distinguish the types of other fabrics that also have different characteristics. Here are some things you should know, about the characteristics of satin:

  1. Has very subtle characteristics when held and worn, such as silk cloth
  3. Has a very fine woven fiber and is almost invisible to the eye when compared to other types of fabric such as cotton.
  5. The surface of the fabric is very smooth and looks as if it is shiny
  7. Has a texture that feels cold or cool when worn for clothing

This sateen fabric is often used for manufacturing various types of clothing and household textile supplies, because it has very good quality, this fabric is often used for manufacturing various types of clothing products including:

  1. Muslim clothing such as mukena , hijab, robe and others.
  3. Underwear for women and men such as tank tops , women's underwear and bras.

Latest Satin Fabric Prices

Want to buy satin at the lowest price for your convection needs? Before deciding to buy fabric, you should also compare how much the price of satin per kg, per meter, per roll / roll or the price per yard. Now, to find out the latest fabric price information, you should just submit a request for fabric procurement in Indotrading that you can send to all fabric sellers in Indotrading to get the best price and in accordance with the needs of your textile garment industry.

Type / Brand Estimated Price
Satin Premium 150 cm wide Rp. 11,750
Full Satin Color Per Roll Rp. 550,000
Sateen Fabric Per Meter Rp. 27,000
Satin Velvet Per Meter Rp. 23,000

Buy Satin Fabrics from Suppliers and Distributors in Indonesia

After getting various price information from all offers that you receive from suppliers or distributors from all over Indonesia in Indotrading, you should immediately determine which company you choose as the supplier or fabric supplier for your convection industry. To determine which suppliers and where, you should first determine the location of the closest company anywhere, then choose the cheapest offer anywhere. This method will make it easier to help you choose the right supplier and can benefit your garment business or fabric shop.

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