Lace Fabric

Lace Fabric

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Buy lace fabric or brocade at the best cheap price from the closest, most complete and most comprehensive brand of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors of brocade that sell a variety of models / motifs of lace that are sold at the cheapest wholesale prices in Indonesia. In accordance with the designation of lace fabric is one type of fabric that has a lacy motif - lace made from knitting yarn that is usually mounted on the edge of fabric that is often used for making custom clothing such as kebaya, underwear and various types of clothing or other products. Brocade / lace fabric functions as the main material for making traditional and modern clothing as well as being used for variations of clothing designs and other textile products. Buy a variety of models and quality brocade fabric motifs, a complete selection for your convection needs. To procure goods in large quantities you can immediately get it through all the sellers in Indotrading at wholesale prices right now.

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Cheap Brocade / Lace Fabric prices Full Motif in Indonesia

Find a variety of price lists of lace and brocade materials with a variety of motifs and models for your convection needs right now through direct procurement of goods to all the most complete and cheapest fabric manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in Indonesia. You can also see all price ranges in the price list below.
Japanese Brocade Gliter Per Meter Rp. 70,000
Prada Brocade Fabric Per Meter Rp. 35,000
Brocade Tille Per Meter Rp. 75,000
French Lace / Brocade Per Meter Material Rp. 550,000

The Most Popular Brocade / Lace Fabric Types and Motifs

When viewed from the motif or model, lace or brocade fabric has a lot of motives. All types consist of different models of knit motifs, to choose knit motifs from different brocade fabrics you can see from the list of the following types:

  • Syrian Brocade
  •     Varanasi Brocade     French Brocade.
  •     Japanese Brocade.
  •     Brocade Corneli.
  •     Brocade Suppert     Brocade Tille.
  •     Brocade Italy.
  •   Brocade Prada

Clothing Models Made from Brocade / Brocade Material

There are many types of clothing models that are made using brocade / lace fabric into women's clothing that make women's fashion more diverse and have many types and models, here are some models of women's clothing or tops made from brocade main ingredients:

  • Kebaya
  •     Cape.
  •     Outer.
  •     Skirt
  •     Kebaya     Blouse.
  •     Party clothes.
  •     Robe.
  •     Culottes.
  •   Caftan

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