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Types of Duster

Duster cloth is an item that we often encounter, such as at home, in restaurants, hotels, and in industry. But many people do not care about its function and use.

1. Cotton Wipe

A cotton cloth is ideal for cleaning glass objects, such as window panes and mirrors.

2. Wipe Kanebo

This chamois rag is usually used for wiping wet surfaces. The chamois can also absorb large amounts of water. The chamois cloth material is usually smooth so it is safe for wiping your car and motorcycle body.

3. Lap Majun

Made from the main raw material of cotton cloth (garment industry waste) which is sewn in such a way that it can be used as a cleaning cloth. Usually cloth duster is used for wiping dust, oil and dirt on the surface.

4. Wipe Towel

Wipe towels are usually used to clean up spills in the kitchen such as soy sauce, oil, sauce, and others. Towel material is made of thousands of fabric fibers so that it is easier and faster to absorb liquids.

5. Electrostatic Wipe

This rag is used for wiping dust and dirt on wooden furniture. Electrostatic cloths not only lift dust from the surface of the furniture, but also attract and keep small dust particles from sticking to the rag.

6. Microfiber Wipe

This microfiber wipe is used for surfaces that are prone to friction such as computer layers, camera lenses, and television layers.

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