Jeans Fabric

Jeans Fabric

Buy Jeans / Denim fabric at cheap prices, the best brands from suppliers, distributors of the most complete, cheapest and largest jeans for your company's needs such as convection, textile factories that produce clothing pants, jackets, bags and various other types of aparel products. Find cheap wholesale price choices from all fabric supplier companies from all over Indonesia that provide hundreds to thousands of specifications and the best choice of jeans material motifs. Immediately submit your purchase request through the procurement request with the fabric specifications that you want, then you will get a variety of offers with a choice of prices, specifications that are the same or close to what you want to buy. What are you waiting for, send your purchase request now to find the cheapest and best fabric choices at competitive prices.

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Low Price of Jeans / Denim Fabrics in Indonesia

If you want to get a variety of fabric offers at the best price, you can simply submit a purchase request directly from the cheapest and most trusted supplier available here. Because in you will easily get a variety of price quotes that match what you need. And you can also see the estimated prices below from the various types of denim fabric that are widely sold in Indonesia.

Full Color Denim Jeans Per Meter Rp. 120,000
Cotton Chambray Denim Fabric Per Meter Rp. 70,000
Selvedge Stretch Jeans Per Meter Rp. 100,000
Cotton Jeans Per meter Rp. 130,000

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Confused looking for a supplier of denim or jeans? You can easily easily get various types of motifs or material models with a variety of textures from suppliers and distributors in All types of materials or fabrics have a variety of specifications, so if you want to get the choice of fabric you want, you should immediately submit a request to purchase fabric in large quantities to get a lot of fabric stock to make it easier for you to meet all your consumer needs.

3 Types of Clothing Made from Jeans

As we all know, there are many types of clothing made using jeans. Because this jeans material is a material that is very strong and durable and comfortable to use for various activities such as daily clothing when we work both inside and outside the home and office. The following are some types of clothing that are designed for everyday wear from jeans, including:

Jeans jacket
Jeans skirt

Advantages of Jeans

There are lots of advantages if you use jeans to make clothes, including the following, the material is thicker, durable to use, comfortable to use and has a variety of motives with fabric fibers that are more resistant to friction so that the fabric is not easily thin and torn .

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