Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts

Buy raw or cooked cashew / cashew nuts at cheap prices per kg from suppliers, distributors such as Wonogiri, Gunung Kidul, Jogja and other regions in Indonesia which are the biggest suppliers of cashews with the best quality. Get a variety of the best deals at wholesale prices of cashew / cash that are sold in kilos for various SMEs and industries or snack food factories in Indonesia. Immediately submit your purchase request now to get a special low price for all your needs right now, only from all the sellers in

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Price of Kiloan Cashew Nuts from Wonogiri, Jogja, Kendari and from all over Indonesia

Find a wide selection of the best price quotes from all cashew / cash sellers from all over Indonesia such as Gunungkidul Jogja, Wonogiri or Kendari who usually supply large quantities of cashew and the best quality for SMEs and industries snacks in Indonesia.

Raw Cashew Seeds Not Peeled East Sumba, NTT 1 kg Rp. 20,800
1 kg Wonogiri Super Raw Cashew Seed Rp. 230,000
Wonogiri Cashew has not been Peeled / 1 kg spindle Rp. 35,000
Raw Cashew / Cashew Kendari 0.5 kg Rp. 75,000
Wonogiri 1 kg Cashew Beans Rp. 135,000

Supplier, Distributor of Raw / Ripe Cashew Nuts in Indonesia

Confused looking for suppliers or distributors of cashew in Indonesia that provide large quantities of stock? If you need large amounts of cashew or cashew seeds, now you don't need to be confused anymore to find where the closest, cheapest and most complete distributor in Indonesia, because only in you can easily find suppliers or sellers of cashew suppliers at prices the best, quality that matches what you are looking for. Immediately submit purchase of cashews at wholesale prices here to get the best quality bean seeds at the lowest prices in Indonesia.

Benefits and Content of Cashews

Besides functioning as a snack for nuts from cashew nuts, cashew or cashew, it turns out to have a good content for health such as minerals, potassium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, selenium and zinc. It also contains protein, fat, niacaine, carbohydrates, pantothenic acid. The following explanation is complete. Not only that, cashew is also very useful for maintaining a healthy body because of several benefits such as helping to maintain heart health, reduce bad cholesterol, fight the growth of cancer cells, suitable for foods with hypertension, both for bones and hair growth, losing weight, as an antioxidant, help you lose weight and various other benefits that are good for health and the development of physical health.

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