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Tempered Glass

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Buy cheap tempered glass full size of the best brands from distributors, suppliers, importers, stores, agents and factories from all over Indonesia. Tempered glass (tempered glass) is a type of glass that is different from ordinary plain glass. This glass is made of float glass which passes through the hardening stage to a temperature of 700 ℃ which is then cooled through the process of spraying air to all parts. The results of this process make the quality of the glass thicker and stronger, so that its use is clearly different from ordinary glass. Well, if you crave high quality tempered glass, you can easily buy it from our distributors and suppliers in Indotrading.com.

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Difference in Tempered Glass and Normal Glass

The use of glass is often preferred to make a building look artistic. In addition to making your shelter look modern, the use of glass can be a medium for you to save electricity. Yes, by getting a natural lighting source (sun), the room will feel warmer. However, did you know that every building uses different types of glass such as tempered glass? Tempered glass or tempered glass is a type of glass that has a superior quality when compared to the type of plain glass. The manufacturing process is also quite complicated, namely passing the heating stage to 700 ℃ which is then cooled by spraying water vapor. This is what results in the glass quality becoming 3 to 4 times stronger.

Of course, even the price matters. Generally, the price is determined by the level of thickness of the tempered glass itself. You do not need to worry about breaking or cracking, because the level of security on tempered glass is so high to be used as residential walls or applied as a room divider, storefront, furniture , aquarium to various decoration needs.

Now, it is different with plain glass or float glass which is also often used as supporting material for housing to look attractive. Its transparent, clean and distortion free makes it able to penetrate 90% of light into the room. So don't be surprised if the room feels hotter.

Cheap Full Size Tempered Glass Prices

The following is the price range for tempered glass that you can find in Indotrading:




Estimated Price


Velaro Motif Printing Glass (50 m2)


Rp. 990,000


Tempered Clear (4mm2)


Rp. 187,000


Tempered Stopsol Green (6mm2)


Rp. 590,000


Tempered Glass Blue (5 mm2)


Rp. 340,000


Tempered Tinted Green (6mm2)


Rp. 400,000


Tempered Sunergy Clear (5mm2)


Rp. 450,000


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Get the cheapest tempered glass prices from a trusted supplier with the best service for all your needs. There are various choices complete with different price offers. Regarding quality, you don't need to worry. Indotrading only provides high quality products sent directly by classy distributors or suppliers. The purchasing process is very easy. Simply submit the desired offer to the seller, then negotiate as comfortable as you. Our distributors are ready to provide alternative products that are right for your business needs or personal needs.

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