USB cable

USB cable

Selling USB Cables at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy USB Cables with the latest prices that function as cables for USB flash disk. Cables that have a serial bus standard for this connecting device are usually to computers and other electronic devices such as mice, keyboards, printers, scanners, cellphones, flash drives, DVD writers, game consoles, cameras, modems, and even are relied upon to control devices test equipment and production machinery. In general, USB technology has become the standard for almost all computers and cellphones and other important electronic equipment. Therefore, it is important for you to get quality products only through trusted suppliers registered in!

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Types of USB Cables

USB technology was created by seven leading technology companies such as Compaq, DEC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, and Nortel to become the standard of connecting between PCs with other electronic devices. As for the type of USB connection that is available on electronic and mobile devices, this cable is divided into five types, including:

1. USB Type-A

This type of USB is the most common. Rectangular shape. Usually, each PC has several type A USB ports on one side. In addition to computers, several types of adapters also use a similar model for charging batteries.

2. USB Type-B

USB Type B or standard USB B is a square USB connector with a slight curve in the two corners above. Usually, this type of connector is widely used to connect computers with printers or scanners. However, currently USB type B connectors are rare.

3. Micro USB Connector

The micro USB connector is the standard USB connector that is most commonly used on electronic devices with the latest technology.

4. Mini USB Connector

Before Micro USB appeared, the Mini USB connector used to be very popular with mobile devices and cameras. The shape is smaller compared to type A and type B connectors, but thicker than micro USB.

5. Type-C Connector

This type of connector is a type of connector that can be paired upside down or reversible. Currently, many smartphones, PCs, tablets, and laptops use this type of cable.

Advantages of Using a USB Cable

There are several advantages that you will get if you use a USB type cable

  1. Easy to use because USB can automatically configure and support Single Interface for multiple devices
  2. The speed is quite high, i.e. data communication up to 20Mbit / s (USB version 3.2).
  3. The USB protocol can detect data transmission errors and send notifications so that it can send data again.
  4. Low power consumption where USB generally works at + 5V and consumes only a few milliamperes of electricity.

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