Power Cables

Power Cables

Selling Power Cables for PCs, Computers, TVs, Monitors or other Electronic Equipment at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Power Cables with the latest prices that work for the main electrical current cable that is sourced from PLN electricity or Genset. This cable is the term mention of the cable that we often find on a PC or Desktop Computer. Apart from computers, these cables are often used for various office electronic equipment such as printers, photocopiers and household electronics such as rice cookers, refrigerators and washing machines. Generally this special cable has different specifications from ordinary cables and has special features, for more information you check on this page.

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Features of the Power Cable

Unlike power cables in general, the term power cable is more on a cable that connects directly between the power source and the power supply such as a computer or PC, to find out the characteristics of these cables, among others:

1. The cable has a length ranging from 80cm to up to 10 meters in length.
2. It has a plug end made of metal with a cable terminal made of brass which is heat-resistant and enclosed with a plug body made of plastic insulating material and mixed rubber.
3. The end has plugs and holes which are inserted into the power supply.

Best Power Cord Brand Reference

If you want to buy a special cable for computer or monitor power supply and office and household electronic equipment, you can first know some of the best cable brands that you can buy and use with functions maximum durable and long lasting. What are the brands, here are some brands to choose from:

1. Kitani Cable 2. Extrana Cable 3. Supereme cable 4. Kabelindo Cable 5. Ethernet cable

To find out the characteristics of the cable brand, usually on the cable listed brand in accordance with our recommendations above. And make sure before buying, you also have to make sure that the cable has a minimum of SNI.

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