NYFGBY cable

NYFGBY cable

Selling NYFGBY cables at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy NYFGBY cable which is cored of copper conductor (copper) then coated with several pvc insulation materials, galvanized flat steel, galvanized steel tape and pvc shealth. NYFGBY cable is a type of cable that is very strong because it is coated with multiple protectors at the same time namely a black PVC and metal insulator on the inside. This cable is quite hard and not flexible, usually used for underground installations, indoors, in ducts, and in open areas that require extra protection. Buy NYFGBY cables from the best brands in Indonesia, including Supreme, Kabelindo, Voksel, Jembo at the best prices for meter, roll / roll from cable suppliers directly.

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Cable Function NYFGBY

NYFGBY cable is a type of power cable which is a category or type of strong power cable used for outdor cable types because it has several layers. This cable layer is very strong and resistant to water and corrosion. Thus, this type of cable is suitable for electrical installations in rather extreme locations. The cable is not as flexible as the electrical wires we encounter in homes. This flexibility is caused by the many layers it has. This cable is intentionally made rather hard so that the core of the cable is completely protected. This type of cable is usually used for electrical installations that are placed in the ground, in ducts, and open spaces. Cables installed in these places require extra protection. Therefore, this cable is very suitable for this purpose because it can withstand temperatures of 70 degrees. This type of cable can be planted at a maximum depth of eighty centimeters. Technicians no longer need to use a cable protector when installing it because there are many protectors covering it. However, if the cable is planted in a high pressure area, additional protection must still be used. Additional protection that may be needed is a pipe.

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