NYAF Cable

NYAF Cable

Selling NYAF cables at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy NYAF cable at the latest prices which are copper core type one core cables and these cables have the same characteristics as HIS cables. This type of power cable is used for distribution panel installations or as connectors in panels. This cable has one-layer PVC insulation, so it's easy to peel and is not recommended for use in wet environments. The cable insulation colors are red, blue, yellow and black.

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NYAF Cable Specifications

This type of cable has a conductor made of copper and with insulation coated with PVC. The characteristics of this cable are green, yellow, black, red, blue and yellow and generally have the SNI mark or which means the Indonesian National Standard cable. The colors of NYAF cable insulation are red, blue, yellow and black. This cable is specifically for electrical connections which also require high flexibility. The cable can be used in various types of media both dry and wet locations.

What does the NYAF Cable Code mean?

The following is an explanation of the meaning of the cable code:

N = copper core cable
Y = PVC insulation A = A single cable F = Fine wire conductor (fibers)

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