Ground Cord

Ground Cord

Selling the best price Grounding Cable from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Grounding Cables with the latest prices that work for ground system cables installed in electrical installations while eliminating potential differences by flowing residual current from voltage leakage from lightning strikes. Because the main use of the grounding cable is as a safety leakage of electric current. Therefore, this cable must be able to flow large currents for optimal function. Typically, this cable will be installed on a kWH meter that is installed directly by PLN officials to plant copper pipes in the ground.

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Getting to Know the Use of Deeper Grounding Cables

Actually, installing a grounding cable is very important in electrical installations. Not only at home, office centers and offices also need this cable installation. Even so, many people who do not understand its usefulness. Here are some of the uses of this type of cable that are not yet known by the public.

1. Prevents large-scale electricity leakage.

2. Protect from static electricity.

3. Protect from high voltage due to lightning strikes.

4. Reference on voltage measurements.

Grounding Cable Type for Lightning Protection Installation

1. Bare Core (BC) cable

This cable only consists of core cables. Bare cores are commonly used in conventional types of lightning rod installation. This type of cable is far more economical than other types of cable. The disadvantage of this cable lies in the absence of protective insulation on the cable.

2. NYY cable

This cable consists of two insulators. The insulator on this cable serves to protect the induction and electric current jumps between the cable core and other material. NYY cable sizes for lightning rod measuring 22 mm2 to 70 mm2.

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