Coaxial Cables

Coaxial Cables

Selling Coaxial Cable or dry battery at the best price from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Coaxial Cable with the latest price serves to transmit any data that is converted into an electrical signal. Examples of the use of coaxial cable that is used in the installation of a TV antenna or satellite dish, an internet modem or a computer modem and various other types. This cable is a type of network cable that is wrapped using a soft metal material. Installation using this type of cable is somewhat easier compared to UTP cable. However, the access speed on this cable is somewhat slower. Although many users are reluctant to use this type of cable, coaxial cables can still be used efficiently on network systems that have little capacity because access speeds are not possible on a large capacity network.

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Coaxial Cable Function

On a computer network, this cable serves to connect between devices that are in a computer network. Examples of its use to connect one computer with another computer. Even so, this cable is not used in star topologies that normally use UTP cables.

Parts of Coaxial Cable

Here are the parts of the coaxial cable.

1. Conductor: functions for data traffic that is in the network.
2. Grounding: serves to anticipate the occurrence of unwanted interference.
3. Insulator in: serves to protect the conductor.
4. Outer isolator: serves to protect the cable as a whole.

Advantages of Coaxial Cable

There are several advantages of this type of cable, including the following.

1. Has a wider range.
2. Having a fairly affordable price.
3. Minimize interference with other systems.
4. Can distribute information up to 900 telephone channels.

Weaknesses of Coaxial Cable

There are some disadvantages of this type of cable, including the following.
1. Difficulty level during installation 2. Must install repeater as signal amplifier for long distance connection.
3. Prone to physical interference if installed on the ground.

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