Aquaponics is a plant media package with a symbiotic combination of aquaculture and hydroponic systems. In general, this agricultural media package is a combination of aquaculture and agriculture which is made into a symbiotic system. This agricultural media becomes an alternative tool that functions to grow various types of vegetables, fruits and fish farming as well as by utilizing small media such as urban areas. This agricultural as well as fishery tool with a hydroponic and aquaponic system is a solution for anyone who wants to try to farm fish or grow crops with planting media other than land, namely water circulation and rockwool planting media. How do you want to try to grow fish and grow vegetables in your yard for extra income, let's try with the jirifam business now.

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Lihat Semua

Aquaponic Equipment Package

Before you buy this planting and fishery media package, you need to know several types of equipment that are usually sold in one package directly. This agricultural and fishery equipment package consists of some equipment that you should know in advance:

1. Seedlings consist of two types of fruit seeds, vegetables and fish.

2. Nutrition is the most important component or ingredient in the jirifarm planting and fisheries system. Nutrition can vary depending on the package offered by the seller, in addition you can also buy separately.

3. Hydroponic and Aquaponic Planting Media are media that must be porous without holding water, such as materials rockwool , charcoal, coconut coir , roasted husks and ferns.

4. Semai tray is a seedling tool that is shaped like a tray or some is shaped like an egg container to sow plant seeds, vegetables and fruit.

5. Pot, Netpot and Planter Bag are places used to plant directly from seeds that are ready to be planted.

6. Drip, Spray Mist and Accessories are water circulation equipment, filters and accessories such as pipe connections, nipples, water faucets and other equipment.

Aquaponic Starter Kit Price

The following is a modern planting media package that consists of various complete equipment that you can see in full:

Package Price Rp. 3,250,000
1 Liter A / B Fertilizer
1.5x3x5 cm 100 pcs Rockwool
Green Spinach Seeds 2 gr
Caisim 2 gr Seeds
Water spinach seeds 35 gr
Pakcoy green seeds 2 gr
Seedling Tray 200 planting holes
3.5 cm netpot 120 pcs
Gutter import 2 m 6 pcs
SP 1100 pump recun 1 pc
3 mm thick buffer pipe paralon
Bucket for nutrition

* Price and package information above is sourced from a summary of several sellers on April 30, 2020

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