Aluminum Window

Aluminum Window

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Buy the latest models of aluminum windows and complete sizes of the best brands from the closest, cheapest and most complete aluminum window supplier in Indonesia. One type of window with aluminum material is a window with a frame that uses aluminum with a mixture of stainless steel. Aluminum windows are often also used to be installed in various office buildings and homes. Because using aluminum windows is more durable and long lasting, it can be used very long without having to worry about being exposed to corrosion or weathered like wood. The advantage of aluminum is that it is stronger and resistant to hot and cold weather. For the provision of windows with aluminum material, you can directly submit a purchase request directly from all manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in Indotrading with the window size specifications that you want to buy.

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Aluminum Window Model

There are several types of minimalist and newest models of window types made with frames made of aluminum and also equipped with glass. Some types of models most commonly used are the fixed window and casement window types:

  • Fixed window , this window is a type or model of window that does not have a gap or air circulation in the window and cannot be opened, often used for tall buildings.
  • Casement window , this model is the same as the tipping window term that can be opened to the right side, top left and bottom according to the hinge installation. This type is often used for homes or residences.

Price of the Latest Minimalist Aluminum Window in Indonesia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Aluminum Window Size / Model Estimated price
Aluminum 60cm x 80cm Double Tipping Window Rp. 1,150,000
60cm x 80cm White Aluminum Sliding Window Rp. 725,000
60cm x 80cm Chocolate Aluminum Window Rp. 600,000
60cm x 50cm Silver Aluminum Window Rp. 470,000

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